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About us

Welcome to the beginning of your new fitness journey; a journey that doesn’t end in 6 weeks or 1 year, but one that will last a lifetime. Our vision is simple...TO GET THE WORLD JUMPING ROPE IN STYLE! Our ultra slick speed rope & intensive skipping plans are not only designed to get your heart rate up fast but to also teach you how to skip like the professionals. Our unique line of apparel will also ensure you jump in comfort and style. 

Whether you’re studying, working full time or coming back from injury, we'll provide you with the tools to create that healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted. 


The Rush Athletics story began in 2015 when I finally decided had enough of running on treadmills and using cross-trainers to burn calories. They filled me with extreme boredom and a real dislike for my cardio sessions. I remember always watching the timer, anxious to finish rather than finishing when I was tired.

It also became apparent to me just how much other gym goers disliked doing regular cardio. Time became a big constraint for me; I was studying, working and playing competitive football. I realised I needed to find a form of cardio that was incredibly efficient, effective and enjoyable all at once! That’s when I decided give skipping a try.

It took me hours and hours of practice to learn how to master the jump rope. However, in the first few weeks, I already noticed significant changes to my body & mind along with my footballing ability each week.

stronger, better, faster..

Suddenly, my mind was more focused at work, my whole body felt in sync in terms of reflexes, reactions, co-ordination and agility. I felt lighter and faster on the football pitch which allowed me to gain an extra yard over opponents. Most importantly, I felt great and enjoyed every second of my skipping cardio sessions! 

The challenging aspect of it suited my personality very well. I even started to take my rope on business trips abroad to help me destress and have a bit of fun skipping in different locations. 

The feel good factor was something I had to share with the world and that is when the idea of Rush Athletics was born! A simple ideology to spread the word about the great benefits of skipping and demonstrate how you could incorporate it into your HIIT workouts and enjoy your cardio again! Feel the RUSH with our incredible speed rope and unique methods of teaching. Stay focused and hungry and we'll get you skipping like a professional in no time!


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