Rush Athletics Roll Up Water Bottle

Rush Athletics Roll Up Water Bottle



Compliment your slick rope skills and stay hydrated with our stylish water bottle! It comes fully portable with a cool 'roll up' feature. It's made from a durable oder resistant silicone material making it great for easy cleaning and keeping your liquid cool. The unique nozzle not only ensures it remains leak proof, but also allows smooth liquid flow for rapid hydration during those gruelling workouts!     


  • 600ml / 20oz capacity 
  • Space saving with a unique roll up option
  • Lockout function prevents leakage
  • Bite nozzle makes it ideal for sports and travel 
  • Non-toxic: 100% BPA free, Eco-friendly, and shatterproof
  • No odor and no plastic aftertaste
  • Easy to clean with large-mouth bottle.
  • Durable and sustainable with high quality silicone material
  • Slender design with branding along one side of the bottle


  • Do not freeze when full
  • It is not intended for hot liquid
  • Do not use in a microwave
  • Do not use for non-drinkable liquids
  • We recommend washing by hand
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