frequently asked questions

We aim to answer as many of your questions as possible but you could find your answer even quicker by checking our FAQ below. 

jump Rope related queries  

  1. Which Jump Rope length is best for me 10ft or 11ft? 

Answer: For reference, I am 6'1'' (186cm) and always use a 10ft rope with a knot so I would recommend using the same length if you are the same height or less. For anyone taller, you could go for the 11ft and size down if need be. 

   2. How do I size my rope correctly?

Answer: Please click the link below for sizing tips and how to use the adjustment mechanism on our ropes. (click here) 

   3. Can I use these ropes on hard flooring such as concrete?

Answer: We do not recommend using our speed ropes on hard flooring. This is undoubedlty lead to snaps and deteriorate your rope quicker. Please stay off concrete where possible and it will extend the life of the rope.   

   4. What is the weight of the Money Rope / Legacy Heavy Rope?

Answer: The weight of our speed ropes are approximately 110g and our heavy rope is 400g or so. 

   5. Will you have more colours in the Money Rope collection?

Answer: Yes! We're planning new colour way launches in the coming months.

   6. I'm a beginner, which type of jump rope is best for me?

Answer: Our ropes are made for all levels and abilities. If you're looking to lose weight fast and increase your heart rate quickly, use the Legacy Heavy rope. If you're into freestyle training and would like to enhance your speed and agility, the Money rope will be the best rope for you.

delivery / payment related queries  

  1. Do you deliver to my country?

Answer: We're proud to say we truly ship worldwide, but please refer to our delivery information page for more details. there are certain countries and regions which will undoubtedly experience longer delays for customs processing. (click here)

   2. How long does delivery take?

Answer: please refer to our delivery information page for estimations. Note: certain countries and regions with slow customs have been highlighted so you must use track and signed service for any orders from these countries. We have the rights to cancel & refund your order if you don't use this service. (click here)

  3. Where is my parcel, it hasn't arrived yet? 

Answer: Please check that you have allowed at least 10 full working days from when you received the dispatched notifcation email from us.

Check also our delivery information page in case your country is one which might require a few more days for slower customs processing.

Also ensure your address was correctly inputted on the order. We cannot be held liable for incorrect addresses and you will not be entitled to refunds if this is the case. In most cases, if the address was inputted wrong, we sometimes get the parcel returned back to us. When this happens we will contact you. A top up delivery charge may be applicable. 

If you've ordered on tracked and signed, you can view the status of your parcel via the link provided on your dispatch confirmation email. It is the customers' responsibility to check with local postal services using this tracked number.

    4. I don't have a Paypal do I purchase from the website? 

You don't need to have a Paypal account to purchase form this site. If you log in via a desktop or tablet, the Paypal payment screen will give you the option to 'pay with another card'. You can then use your card details as usual. Note: Paypal does have some restrictions in certain countries and regions so if you find that you cannot pay at all, it is likely that Paypal doesn't have a secure payment link with your country. We will not be able to assist if this is the case as Paypal is the only payment platform we use currently. We will not accept payment via bank transfers or systems such as Western Union for example.   

business related queries  

Email us directly for any queries related to business or ambassador opportunities. We supply gyms across the world and we're building our Athlete base so please get in touch. 


returns related queries  

If you're not happy with your item or have an issue, please check our returns policy page and follow the instructions. Feel free to contact us as well to see if we can help.