Our REVOLUTIONARY jump rope workout mat is finally here! This mat has been designed to not only improve your workout experience but also look after your joints and ropes. It's made from a unique blend of high grade rubber and pvc, making it super functional for all types of weather conditions.

The unique circular cut and overall design will take your skipping workouts to another dimension! At 1.4kg weight, 140cm diameter and 4mm thickness, we believe we've designed one of the most practical jump rope mats out there! It has an incredible response and feedback from the rope as it clips the ground. The large round cut also allows for a wider variety of routines such as side swings and squat jumps.

Furthermore, the slick shoulder carry case will ensure you can take it absolutely anywhere! Note: Before purchasing, please read the care instructions below.


  • Unique circular round cut design

  • Made from a quality high grade rubber/pvc mix

  • Comes complete with branded shoulder carry case

  • Bold yellow logo on one side of the mat

Further Information:

  • 1.4kg in weight

  • 140 cm diameter

  • 4mm thickness

After Care Instructions:

  • We recommend wearing trainers with non-abrasive grips/soles

  • Currently this version of the mat is not suitable for heavy ropes

  • Brush any stones or sharp debris from the surface before laying the mat down

  • Hand wash the carry case in cool water. Do not use a washing machine,

  • Use a damp cloth to clean the mat. Do not use in a washing machine.

  • Keep the mat stored in a cool and dry area.

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