From the point of purchase, 1 year standard warranty will be applied to your Ignite Rope. The warranty will only cover any mechanical faults / defects to the products handles or quick release system. We will not be able to replace / repair products which have been accidentally damaged (includes dropping handles on floor). Take into account that ropes will encounter general wear and tear. Intentional damage will not be covered under warranty. 

Warranty applies to handles only. We are confident that the ropes will with stand dynamic workouts, however, please note, we advise you to use your rope with a workout mat. Please check the rope care information before use. This warranty will not cover damage to PVC coating on ropes. 

You should email us beforehand indicating your order number and issues surrounding the product along with as much information/photos as possible. We will then advise on the next steps. The product will be inspected on return before a decision is made about the entitlement of the warranty. For any queries or doubts, please email us to check. Where we can’t offer a replacement, you will be given a full refund. 

It will be the sender's responsibility to return any items to us (see returns page for further information) .