Established in 2015, Rush Athletics was born out of the dislike for boring and conventional cardio methods. Searching for an alternative, I picked up a skipping rope and became instantly addicted. I soon realised that this was more that just fitness; it was an art form which had improved my physical and mental state. Inspired and determined, I felt the need to share this form of fitness with the world. My first Youtube video tutorial was uploaded on June 2015 and since then, our global community has grown to over 200k across all social media platforms.


The vision is to get a jump rope into the hands of every fitness enthusiast and change the perception of cardio. The brand is continuing its efforts to bridge the gap between fitness and lifestyle and truly make skipping a culture. Since the launch of our first speed rope back in August 2017, we have now created 4 new lines of skipping ropes which have sold in over 180 countries worldwide. We have been endorsed by top athletes, celebrities and even had legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather post videos using the iconic R.A Speed Rope (aka ‘The Money Rope’).


Going forward, we will continue to lead, inspire and grow the jump rope community. With innovative products, the launch of Rush Athletics Academy and more Rope Rush meet up events on the horizon, we intend to push the brand beyond all limits. 


It is beyond my wildest imagination that I’d ever be able to leave my full time job and pursue this crazy dream. The ethos of Rush Athletics has always been about the community. I truly care, want to interact, teach and motivate - without you, Rush Athletics wouldn’t exist.  I really hope that my story inspires you to follow your own dreams, goals and ambitions - there’s no idea too crazy or too small. Nothing is impossible!
“Forget your own unhappiness for creating a little happiness for others, because when you are good to others, you will be best to yourself. Just remember, the things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your LEGACY…”