RA TECHNICAL COURSE | 19/04/2020 | 12PM-2PM

RA TECHNICAL COURSE | 19/04/2020 | 12PM-2PM


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THE COURSE: The technical course has been designed to refine and enhance your speed and skills with core power moves. You’ll also learn to utilise these moves with intermediate combinations. This course focuses on certain technical movements for side swings, crossovers at speed with variations, unbroken double-unders and double-under crossovers.



  1. Side swing + cross over variations 

  2. Unbroken double-unders

  3. Double-under crossovers

  4. Intermediate combinations

WHO IS IT FOR: The technical course is ideal for those who feel they have the basic fundamentals down. This means your side swings, footwork and rhythm is generally very good. You will be able to do crossovers and double-unders but struggle to do them continuously at speed.

The technical course will help you refine these, adding speed and building combinations. It will also show you new variations and footwork to build you up to a more advanced level.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING? Please wear comfortable trainers / workout clothing to your course. Bring plenty of water and a towel if you wish to use the shower facilities. Bring your skipping rope of course, however we will have some spares to use.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your class. Sessions will begin promptly.