RA MASTERY COURSE | 08/03/2020 | 1PM-3PM


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THE COURSE: The mastery course has been designed for those who are proficient in quick combinations and most of the power moves such as crossovers, double-unders and double-under crossovers. This course is about high level skills, fine tuning and really mastering the art of skipping.



  1. Squat jumps + Squat jump double cross

  2. Side swing double-unders

  3. South Paw double-under combinations

  4. Double under variations

  5. Rush 360 + combinations 

WHO IS IT FOR: The mastery level should only be considered if you consider yourself at pro-level and really want to refine and master the power moves above.

You’re footwork should be impeccable and you’ll be comfortable with combinations at speed, continuous double-unders and double under crossovers. You’re now just looking to master those extra power moves to take your game to the next level.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING? Please wear comfortable trainers / workout clothing to your course. Bring plenty of water and a towel if you wish to use the shower facilities. Bring your skipping rope of course, however we will have some spares to use.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your class. Sessions will begin promptly.